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    Aplications Tachen

    Post by Tachen.xD on Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:21 am

    Personal Information

    Name: Ştefan Lucian
    Location: Suceava
    Contact Information (Steam, Xfire, etc.): xfire tachenxdd
    How many languages do you speak or can understand?: English and Romanian
    How many hours can you play per day?:5-6
    What's your view on illegal stuff?:-
    Do you have steam? (If so, which games do you own and play?): No.

    [bs] Questions
    Why would you like to join?: For you are a clan together, regardless of the situation.
    What assets can you bring to the clan? (Scripting, Graphic Design, Movie editing, Leadership): Experience in A/D
    How did you hear about [bs]?: I heard from a friend
    How long would you be willing to wait to become part of our clan? It does not matter to me, when the time then I'll be in the clan
    What do you think makes us different from other clans?: Communication
    Can you play with AC?: Yes

    General Questions

    Ingame name: Tachen
    List all previous nicknames you have used: Tachen
    How long have you been playing SA-MP?: 4 years
    How frequently do you play SA-MP?: Every day.
    Have you ever used cheats? No,omfg.
    Average ping on EU servers?: 30
    Dynamic or Static I.P?: Dynamic
    Do you get consistent packetloss?: No.
    What clans have you been in previous to now: uTD,NwA

    Skill Questions

    The following questions should be answered out of 10

    Overall skill level:7.50
    Overall experience level:7
    Overall ability to play within a team: 7
    How good are you with NO C-Bug: 7
    How good are you with C-Bug: 7
    Name 3 A/D weapons sets that you are best with: Deagle,Shotgun,M4 and Sniper. Sets that the best it's : M4,Shotgun

    Rate yourself on the following weapons:
    - Deagle:7
    - Pump Shotgun:8
    - M4:8
    - Combat Shotgun:8
    - Sniper Rifle:7
    - AK47:never
    - Sawnoff Shotgun: never
    - Tec9/Mac10:never
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    Re: Aplications Tachen

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