Aplication K



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    Aplication K

    Post by Kapa on Thu Sep 25, 2014 4:52 pm

    Personal Information

    Contact Information (Steam, Xfire, etc.):Xfire:rampxf
    How many languages do you speak or can understand?:?
    How many hours can you play per day?:3 hours
    What's your view on illegal stuff?:?
    Do you have steam? (If so, which games do you own and play?):no

    [vP] Questions
    Why would you like to join?:Is united
    What assets can you bring to the clan? (Scripting, Graphic Design, Movie editing, Leadership):Design
    How did you hear about [vP]?:Like
    How long would you be willing to wait to become part of our clan?yes
    What do you think makes us different from other clans?:yes
    Can you play with AC?YES NORMAL

    General Questions

    Ingame name:[K]
    List all previous nicknames you have used:BROFL
    How long have you been playing SA-MP?:2 years
    How frequently do you play SA-MP?:all day
    Have you ever used cheats?NO
    Average ping on EU servers?:70
    Dynamic or Static I.P?:static
    Do you get consistent packetloss?:YES
    What clans have you been in previous to now:MoD,W,etm,Desh,

    Skill Questions

    The following questions should be answered out of 10

    Overall skill level:8
    Overall experience level:8
    Overall ability to play within a team:7
    How good are you with NO C-Bug:9
    How good are you with C-Bug:10
    Name 3 A/D weapons sets that you are best with:

    Rate yourself on the following weapons:
    - Deagle:8
    - Pump Shotgun:8
    - M4:5
    - Combat Shotgun:5
    - Sniper Rifle:8
    - AK47:7
    - Sawnoff Shotgun:6
    - Tec9/Mac10:5

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    Re: Aplication K

    Post by FISHY on Thu Sep 25, 2014 6:21 pm

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