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    Ragefull puta

    Post by Ragefull on Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:51 pm

    Name: Vladimir
    Age: 16
    Localization: Russia <3
    Contact (Steam, Xfire, etc.): xfire: 1ragefull
    How many languages can you talk or understand?: 3, English, Russian and German
    How many hours can you play per day?: 4-9

    Clan Questions
    Why do you want to join us?: i love vP !!!
    How did you hear about us?: youtube, played tcw with you , sK sv
    What in your opinion, differentiates us from other clans ?:Do you not among the participants bastards
    Can you play with AC on? Ye !

    Gerenal Questions

    Nickname: Ragefull
    Previous Nicknames: Ragefull
    How long do you play SAMP?: 3 years
    We want people who can record the TCW's/CW's. I can write TCW. with the included AC fps drops
    Have you ever used cheats? no
    Averege ping on USA host?: 250+
    Average ping on FR host?: 150-170
    Dynamic or static IP: Dynamic
    Previous clans: RGS, jS, v1G(emovere), iQ, ThC
    Do you have youtube channel?: yes
    Do you have any videos showing us your ability? (doesn't need to be in ur channel): No, I can show them to tcw/cw
    Skills Questions

    This questions must be answered by the score of 1 to 10

    General Skills: 9
    General Experience: 8
    Teamwork: 8
    No-Cbug Skills: 5-6
    C-Bug Skills: 9
    AAD preferencial weapons (kit): Deagle and Shotgun, Sniper and Shotgun, Combat and rifle

    How good are you with:
    - Deagle: 9
    - Pump: 9
    - M4: 6
    - Combat Shotgun: 9
    - Sniper Rifle: 9
    - AK47: 0

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